iCareer Rebranding Story


As logos are the ‘face’ of a business, we considered that we wanted to renew the logo to really represent us, the idea was to become simple, modern & trendy. iCareer is well known for being the best career guidance destination for students. We design employability programs, organize career events, and help students in finding and pursuing their dream jobs so we wanted to emphasize on our strengths and reflect iCareer’s core values.

The Problem

Externally, we had a brand perception problem, and our identity wasn’t clear enough to our audience. The man rising on the stairs was meant to refer to the students, the stairs are the steps to success, however, it was complicated with too many details, not easy to use on different visuals because it had no clear frame. We also saw it as outdated, old-fashioned, and too serious which didn’t match the persona of our audience who are young and fresh.

Internally, we needed more design elements to create a unified design system that would ensure consistency across our different designs and channels and adapt easily with iCareer’s various events & products.

In addition, we wanted to make our audience feel that the company they are working with is up to date and keeping up with the modern world. Taking into consideration that online usage across many social media outlets changes over time, and because we’re significantly renewing our products and services, our brand needed more explanation and simplification. We needed to ensure that our logo is adapting to the technological and online usage across many social media outlets. 

The process

Firstly, we started with internal brand awareness, we asked ourselves four questions:

  1. What’s iCareer?
  2. What do we offer?
  3. What do we want to be known for?
  4. Why do we want to rebrand at this particular time?

Then, we did a market research to know whether our current image fits our audience or not. After collecting data from the research phase, where a brand is repositioned according to customer needs and market’s opportunities, we reimagined our brand in a newer and fresher way to make it unique.

We thought of all designs and elements needed for the rebranding, this included our website, business logo, color palette, and slogan. Making sure that our new branding fits with our strategy. All these steps made a clearer picture of our personality, and we overcame the challenge we had ahead of us to redefine our identity in a way that makes us different and unique.


Meet our new logo!

So, we simplified the stair steps, removed the unneeded details, made the font cleaner and the last step— We decided to finally let our guy go pursue his career! 

We went for green as it’s the color of energy, progress, and youth, it is also associated with meanings of freshness, that’s what we exactly needed for our brand refreshment.

And VIOLA.. here came the new logo

With the new logo, we wanted to have a slogan that goes with it, re-enforcing the new identity that became simpler and more understandable, so we went from the old slogan “Step up to your dream job” to the new one “Be career ready!”

We clearly identified our brand’s message and our services, and our identity now looks simple, modern, mobile-ready, and universal enough to appeal to the broadest audience possible.